Friday, January 2, 2015


Okay, so this is my plan for 2015. I hope that by committing it to "paper," my follow-through will be just as good as my intentions.  Hey, I can always hope, right??? (In case you're not paying attention, this blog will be short on cool quilt photos and potentially rambling and not that exciting. In other words, feel free to delete now and go on to something more fun!)

Last year I tried Evernote for the first time. This involved purchasing a scanner for my paper bills (got a super cheap one--$20 on Amazon), installing Evernote on all my devices (computer, phone, tablet, etc.) and setting up a "Financials" file on my computer. Can you say overkill???

For every bill received via snail and/or e-mail, it was scanned (if necessary), saved as a .pdf and filed in both the Financials file on my computer and then saved into Evernote. (Super cool thing about Evernote is that if you save it on one device, it automatically syncs to the rest).  I also did this with all my tax related docs: payment for quilts, business purchases, tax donations, you get the idea.  Yes, it was time consuming and since it was my first time trying this, I was overly cautious and redundant. Because this was my first year with Evernote (and partially because I'm cheap frugal), I opted for the free version. The free versions works perfectly, so I won't be upgrading.

This year, though, things are changing a bit. I've refined my Evernote usage and will not save everything to my hard drive (don't tell Dennis that part. He still doesn't trust Evernote *shrug*). I've set up a new e-mail account that will receive ONLY electronic bills (the goal here is to keep me from losing bills and getting the dreaded "late notice."

And I'm finally breaking into my Life.doc system from Get Buttoned Up. (I've owned this for four years now; however, I didn't want to rush into it!!) Not sure what it entails, but it can't hurt, right??

Then, on the personal side, I'm determined to get healthy, I've always exercised off  and on, but this year, I intend to get serious and do something physical six days a week. I'm already doing so well!!  Yesterday we took the dogs out for a four-mile walk and today I spent 35 minutes on our elliptical. Yes, I know...its only the second day of January and there are still 350+ days to go. But, its a start!

I also plan to be more organized with my customer quilts as well as my own stuff. I will quilt for customers M-F (taking Wednesday to do some piecing of my own) and will, with a little determination, quilt my own tops on weekends. Biggest barrier to quilting my own tops? Me!!  Give me a customer quilt and I can come up with great ideas; give me my own quilt and I cannot make a decision. Go figure.

So, that is my basic plan for 2015. Did you make any specific resolutions? Share if you'd like and maybe we can motivate each other!

Thanks for hanging in there with me...


Oh, yeah, forgot to mention: I plan to post at least twice a week in 2015!


  1. Twice a week? I'm going to hold you to it. And go for you for carving out time for use it wisely!! And while you're staying active 6 days a week, count 2 of them for me, OK?

    1. Good intentions and all that...we'll see what happens. And, no, you may not have two of my active days..I'm hanging in there by a thread!

  2. Have a great 2015!!
    Miss you :(
    Seems like too long since I have seen you!

    1. Its been forever!! April is least I think it is!!

  3. Active, Own quilts.... You have done more than me on two counts already.

    1. Well, "Busy Quilting," get busy!! Easy for me to say, eh??????


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