Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Jen's Sister's Applique

A few months back I received a desperate e-mail from Jen in Quincy. She was panicked that since I'd moved to Washington, I'd stopped quilting. Um...no.  She sent up this beautiful applique quilt that was partially constructed by her sister, who had passed away. She finished it and I had the honor of quilting it. Isn't it a beautiful quilt??

There are many different blocks in this design and I wanted to highlight them all individually, so I changed up the background quilting in all of them. I did keep the patchwork squares and triangles quilted similarly to tie it all together. The pic below shows the cc designs in the flying geese and the squares. Super simple to frame the more involved, dense quilting in the blocks.

And now its just a picture show. Lots of close-ups of the quilting. Echoing in this one.

Lots of lines very close together.


Pebbles, pebbles and more pebbles.

Simple cc and a feathered flower center.

Meander, cc, and lots of lines.

Pebbles and curved cross-hatching.

A couple shots of the back, although it was mostly too busy for much to show.

Thanks for hanging in there for the picture show!!



  1. Beautiful job Dory, lovely quilt. What a great remembrance of a sister gone.

  2. Beautiful quilting for a beautiful top, just what it needed, the icing on the cake!!


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