Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Few All-Overs

Generally, my quilting is more custom, but I can do all-overs.

This first one is from Carolyn. Its from our Quincy Crazy Quilters retreat last September. I've quilted one of these before and I have one of my own. Carolyn wanted an all-over pattern, so I did what I call Heatwave.

Below are a couple of closeups.  They show the texture on the front and back.

Then Gina sent these two for her nephews.  I loved the panel and wanted to do something that would be good for little boys. I ended up doing geometric squares that I've seen in Angela Walters' books.  I love how they turned out.

 A couple closeup to show texture on these.  Perfect for little boys!!

 The back.  They were both backed with flannel, so the quilting shows up nicely.

Happy stitching!!!


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