Friday, May 8, 2015

Same Quilts, Different Quilting

Remember my allovers from the last post?  Well here are two more of the same quilt with different fabrics and different quilting.  First, Katherine's:

Katherine wanted a bit more quilting on hers, so I accented the different color blocks with complimentary designs. I also did a loop meander type in the white "stained glass" bits to make that stand out more.

A closer view:

This is the same quilt, albeit a bit smaller--that's because I made it.  I did just the four blocks and now have a table topper/wall hanging. 

I really played with this one, trying out new thread and some new designs.  The best design was the center, which I saved for last. I didn't know what I wanted to do in the middle, but I knew I wanted it to be unique.  I love how these straight lines appear to be curved!

From there it was line work and feathers...with my favorite over/under feather in the outside border.

Here's a shot of the back...and that's what I didn't like about the thread I used.  Rather than my usual prewound magnetic or Bottom Line bobbins, I wound my own. The thread was just too thick for that and it caused my tension to not be as perfect as usual. But, since it is my quilt, as the saying goes, "Its good enough for who its for!"

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  1. Can you share your inspiration for where you got the centre design for your own quilt. I love it. Come to think of it I like them all.

    1. Inspiration came from Angela Walters. The design is in her book "Shape by Shape." I thought it looked fun and decided to give it a go. Its really easy to do and turns out looking awesome!


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