Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I'm Doing a Challenge

...because, as you know, I simply don't have enough to do!!!!!

Its not my fault though, really, it isn't. I adore Cherrywood Fabrics and I have since I first found out about them years ago. I have never seen such beautiful fabric--its cotton that looks like suede! Nuf said!!

I received an e-mail at the end of April about the Focus Through the Prism challenge and the fabric fat-quarter bundle from Cherrywood that was the only requirement. Of course, I ordered the fabric without having a clue what I would do. I mean, really...look at those colors!! I couldn't resist (I didn't try real hard though <wink>)

So I've had the fabric for a few weeks now and just the other day I finally came up with an idea. As you know,  I'm a quilter and while I can come up with many different ideas for quilting a quilt, I have little to no designing talent when it comes to piecing. However, I've been reading a series of mystery books with an Amish theme and the light bulb flashed! What if I make my projects to resemble Amish quilts...ding, ding...we have a winner!!

These quilts are to measure 20" square and each month for the next seven months, we are to use one color from the bundle as our focus fabric. At the end of each month, we are to submit a picture of the finished quilt and at the end, quilts will be chose to travel with an exhibit for a year. Now I have no fantasies that mine will be among the travelling quilts; however, I want mine to coordinate when I hang them on my wall. Seemed like Amish quilts fit that requirement.

Oh, and one last requirement: we are to work from a specific quilt block chosen by Kim at Persimmon Dreams. This month's block is Churn Dash.  After playing in EQ, I think this is what mine will look like:

Not sure that I'll use red, but I like the idea of black as the background. Or maybe I'll do a Modern Amish??? (Ignore the white bits around the blocks in the corner--I just didn't move the blocks enough to cover that area up) 

So what do you think??  Amish-Amish or Modern Amish??  And what do I do when its time to use the dark blue fabric? I'm thinking dark blue on black may not have enough contrast!!  (Can you say, "duh!")




  1. I love the modern layout! And keep on researching Amish quilts from diffferent regions. Not all communities used black in quilts. Perhaps the dark blue could be the deepest value with a scattering of lighter colors as a dyna,ic background?

    1. Research??? Oh my--that sounds like work!!!! :)

  2. I love the concept of using Amish on this project ... way to go, woman. And, you're liking/yearning/curious about/wanna play with the Modern looser block placement -- and you know how loose that can get ... it's interesting how things circle back ... Gwen Marston was making "liberated" blocks decades ago -- she used wild fabrics with abandon, so you have to really focus to spot the similarity to the Modern blocks where the sections are loosely shaped, not geometrically perfect ... same thing, but now with a solid color background and focus element ... anyway, long reply, but, since you'll be playing with this for months, make the choice that will challenge -- yes-- the one you are not certain about!!! because once you do it, it's the one that will really delight you.

    1. Thanks, Sharon, for your comment and words of encouragement! I'm taking them to heart!


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