Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Bellingham Retreat 2015

Since moving to Washington and meeting my good friend Shirley at (where else?) a retreat, I've been to many retreats. She invited me to join her and 10 other friends at an annual retreat in Poulsbo that then moved to Bellingham.  I'm just home from this lovely week long event where we sewed and watched movies all day long. It was incredible!

Here's what I accomplished:

First up:  Two of these Aiming for Accuracy quilts that I started some time ago. They were BOMs with lots of instruction so that you could work on accuracy with your piecing. Not only did I participate, but I was privileged to quilt one for a lady that won my quilting as a grand prize. (Click here if you want to see that one)

Christmas fabrics here...(colors are much brighter than they appear here)

Same quilt; different fabric and border.  I decided it was too busy, so opted for a plain border instead.

This is one of those Schnibbles patterns.  I love little houses; I especially love quilting houses!!!

 This is the start of Dennis' Christmas present--his own Seahawks quilt. He really wants a Mariner's Compass quilt; I'm hoping he can't tell the difference!! This one still needs sashing and borders. Another photo coming when its finished.

I started a Winding Ways quilt for my step-daughter and got going on yet another Christmas quilt.  Not enough done on either of those to warrant photos yet.  

Great retreat with a group of great women!


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