Thursday, August 13, 2015

Ginny's Beautiful Stack-n-Whack

This is the most unique and gorgeous setting I've ever seen for a Stack-n-Whack! In fact, I'm going to steal it for mine. (Shhhhhhh, don't tell!) 

I just think that those alternating blocks keep this quilt from being so busy that you can't even see the cool designs made by the S&W fabric.  One of the best part about quilting for others is all the designs I see. They're amazing!

I did my heatwave allover on the majority of this quilt with bamboo in the inner border.

All the S&W blocks and the bamboo inner border were quilted with Military Gold thread to pick up the gold in the S&W blocks. I'm loving how that turned out. Super simple design to not take away from the beauty of the blocks, themselves.

The back...such care in piecing it. She basically has a reversible quilt!

Center back to try and show some of the quilting. (I think you're going to have to click on the pic if you really want to see it...sorry)

Next up are pics of what I accomplished at my retreat!


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