Monday, October 5, 2015

Cute Kids' Quilts

A new customer brought me these two.  Deb swore she wasn't a quilter, but I think that may change in the future.  This one was finished, but she wanted more quilting. It already had the large squares quilted in it, but she wanted to some detail added to it.  I outlined all the critters, the rainbow and cloud and stitched over the various parts of the "landscape" to add a little definition.  Unfortunately, it doesn't really show up, but Deb was happy and it is a darn cute Pooh Panel!!

She also brought this panel quilt in that she'd done for her grandson. Usually I don't quilt so densely on kid's quilts, but due to the size, custom quilting was the same cost as my minimum quilting charge. She opted for the custom.

Lots of color changes and detail work and it turned out pretty darn cute!  Here are a couple more pics.

Hope the baby appreciates it!!!!!


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