Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Joyce's Feathered Star

Seriously, is this not a beautiful quilt???? (My camera doesn't do it justice, not at all!)

Joyce chose her fabrics to resemble a poinsettia. I think she did a great job. She asked for texture, so I did an outline design in the outer border, and feathers in all but the center colored spikes. I didn't quilt the green centers until the end, as I just couldn't decide what I wanted to do. I finally opted for some basic SID to push them back and not take away from the more colorful areas.

The large outer corners were crosshatched one-inch squares and a feather design was put in those smaller triangular areas.  I also did a little feather in the outside border corners to add a little continuity to the quilting design. Pics are of the front and back so you can see a bit better.

And a couple more pics of the back to show off the quilting.  (This first one is worth clicking on for a close-up; it makes my ramblings above make sense)

This was such a fun quilt to work on...I really had to do some thinking. Joyce always gives me such great projects to play with--I love it!!!!  If only she'd move to the west coast, I'd quilt all her quilts, if she'd let me. 


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