Saturday, November 19, 2016

1930s UGRR

Isn't this pretty? Carolyn did this Underground Railroad quilt with 30s fabrics and six-inch blocks. I've quilted many of these, but this is a first for the smaller blocks and 30s fabrics.

 I did lots of SID and linework for this one.  I wanted to emphasize the piecing and make it pop, so I quilted the backgrounds quite densely and didn't do much in the actual "design" portion of the blocks.

Lots of linework....and a little ribbon candy thrown in for good measure!

And a final close-up of one of the blocks. You can almost see how the actual Drunkard's Path portions pop up 3D-ish.

No pics of the back...the fabric was too busy for the quilting to show.  Sorry!!


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