Friday, May 11, 2018

Carolyn's Mini Victory Quilt

I love this quilt. Carolyn does such beautiful work. I mailed it back to her, as I've done many times before, but this time someone stole the quilt from her mailbox. I couldn't believe it when Carolyn said she hadn't received it. My records showed it delivered--but that's as far as it got. From now on, all quilters with mailboxes will have their quilts delivered requiring a signature. This world makes me really sad sometimes.

This was such a fun quilt to work on. I used lots of gold thread to highlight the gold in the fabrics and then some black so that the gold wouldn't be overwhelming.

I'm including pictures of lots of the blocks. I did lots of little, tiny feathers, linework, and cc's in this one. Hope you have a cup of coffee in hand!

And a couple more of the back.  I love how it looks on the back almost more than the top!


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