Sunday, July 12, 2009

Busy Weekend...

This has been an incredibly busy weekend. First, Friday we were up early, worked out and then headed to Reno to pick up an order for Dennis at SanMar. While there, we stopped at Harbor Freight and I got another container like this for my bobbins. (I love having them in the little drawers)
On the way back, we stopped and loaded another 4 1/2 tons of hay. We didn't make it home til almost 5! Best of all, I got a Wacom tablet from Best Buy...I've been wanting one for ages. Now I just need to figure out how it works!

Saturday, I got busy with the SID on the frog quilt. Its turning out rather cute; but Dennis couldn't find a good embroidered frog pattern in all his I'll be free-handing. This is the latest attempt...not too bad.

Then today, best of all, our friend is here with his baby backhoe digging the trench for the yurt. Hooray!! Things are actually getting started. They've been out there for hours. I was there just in time to hear a really odd crunching sound...guess we'll be replacing a bit of sewer pipe this weekend (oopsie!!)

Don't they look like busy little bees??

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