Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hay Time

Its that time of year again. This is the first of at least four loads for our five ponies. Those critters can eat! Luckily, the price of hay has come down a bit. We brought this home last night...guess what Dennis did most of the evening??

This is Dennis contemplating unloading, which, with this first load is more complicated. He has panels to move just to be able to turn the rig around and get it to the barn. Glad this part of horse-ownership is his job!

I, on the other hand, was inside where it was relatively cool fixing dinner (shrimp salad) and organizing bills (yuck!). This is a picture of my latest quilting project. Norma was given this quilt as a gift for being starting and being president of our guild for several years. She collected frogs at that time so all these blocks are different stars with fussy-cut frogs in the middle. There is one block that is completely empty, so I'm thinking of embroidering a frog in the center of that block. Okay, *I* won't embroider it; Dennis' PR600 will do that for me!!

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