Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Birthday America

And to celebrate, when you live in Plumas County, you have several choices. You can go to the High Sierra Music Festival, or the "Hippie Fest," as we locals call it. My husband is there now listening to music and having a good time. Or you can go to a little community called Chester and attend the Mombosa Festival...Reggae music, I think, but I've never gone.

We always start our 4th with the Pancake Breakfast in Taylorsville. Taylorsville has a huge population; the sign says 154 but I think they counted the dogs and horses too. However on July 4, the town has literally a thousand people. All the locals come out for the breakfast, parade and rodeo that follows. We always do the breakfast and parade, but not the rodeo. Since I own horses, I'm too much of a softy to watch rodeo. This is a picture of the Monday, it will be back to normal with no one around. While the rodeo and team ropers are in town, you'll even see horses tied up outside the bar...

The rest of the day included a ride on my boy, Socks (I'm trying to build up his butt muscles for an endurance ride in August) and finishing a rush "Barn Chicks" quilt for a client.

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  1. Your town sounds a lot like mine-it fills up on the 4th! Love the chicken quilt-too cute!


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