Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Let 2010 Begin....

Christmas is rarely had on Christmas Day in the Miller household. Dennis and I exchanged our gifts, but we waited until January 3 to celebrate with his daughters. It is well worth the wait though. Both girls are exact opposites in every way, except that they're both gorgeous.

Hannah is the oldest, the artist, and on the left; Rachel is currently in the Masters Program at Davis for nutrition. They are both alot of fun to have around.

                  ........and their beaus...(Dustin Left & Mike on the Right)

Hannah and Dustin, her boyfriend, arrived in Quincy on Friday as we were frantically moving our studio into the yurt and the bed back into the bedroom.  It was crazy!!  (Doesn't it look cute?? Just wait until we have a bit of landscaping!!)

 Luckily, Dustin's parents live in Q as well, so we had a few extra hours to throw everything together before they came out.  It was a short visit; but fun.  Saturday, before Mike and Rachel showed up in the early afternoon, the four of us went for a hike to the "ponds" behind our house on SP land.  When the girls had been growing up, these ponds were their public swimming pools--they shared lots of great adventures there.  Since Hannah and Dustin had to be back in town early for dinner with Dustin's mom, we decided to postpone opening gifts until Sunday morning. 

Sunday morning Hannah made the best fritatta (that girl can cook!) and we opened gifts.  We'd asked them to give us photos and they did; we now have two very nicely framed photos of them to hang on our walls.  Hannah also painted us a picture of a "Featherhorse," since the name of Dennis' business is Featherhorse Designs.  Its on a small canvas, so it will fit perfectly in the yurt.

 We were very excited about the gifts we got for them.  I don't know about your kids, but as they get older, they get harder to buy for.  This year though, we did great.  Rachel had been wanting a dog but her boyfriend, Mike, doesn't think they should get one--so we got her one.  A really big one...she named him Moose.

Hannah has the best dog in the world (other than Hank & Chloe, of course).  Her name is Violet Fur Pants and she's the sweetest dog ever. 

She's a Pitt Bull, but apparently, no one has ever told her that she's supposed to be mean and aggressive.

 She adores Chloe and chases Hank--both of whom try very hard to ignore her.  Its not easy though...Violet is a big girl!

 For Hannah's main gift, we got Violet a dog bed and Dennis embroidered "Violet Fur Pants" on the bolster and Violet's Native American name ("Pig Who Runs With Wind") on the bed, itself.

 Both Hannah and "Pig" were thrilled. "Pig" immediately plopped on the bed and napped!

After presents, we took a hike down to visit the horses then up to the ponds again since Rachel and Mike had missed out on yesterday's adventures.  Hank opted to stay home, but by the time this second hike was over, Chloe was tolerating Violet quite nicely.

It was a terrific holiday!  With any luck, they will be up this summer for another adventure. 


  1. Waiting for yurt inner photos. Very interested in this extra room concept for a quilting business.

  2. D,
    So sorry to hear that your back is giving you more grief. I was really hoping that was behind you. You really seem to have a great outlook toward getting better and I will be thinking about you.
    BTW your grand-dog is beautiful. My pitbull/American Bulldog would really like a girlfriend seeing as his new brother is full of piss and vinegar I think he wouldn't mind sharing that new dog bed.
    Glad to see pics of the family you look like you really enjoyed each other.
    Get better and we need to make plans to get together soon.
    Lisa Newman


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