Thursday, January 14, 2010


Okay, so maybe its not a milestone exactly, after all, people do have birthdays all the time, but yesterday, I turned 50.  Its a weird concept for me.  I don't feel 50, I certainly don't act 50 and hopefully, I don't look 50.

I had a really fun shopping day yesterday in Reno.  We went down in the a.m. to shop for house/yurt items.  Just a few of the things we bought: area rugs for both the house and yurt, shelving (mudroom & yurt), furniture (matching!) for the house, flip flops (I'm really tired of wearing soggy slippers back and forth to the hot tub), and a desktop file box with an orange lid to help in implementing my new filing system (future blog topic, if it works). By the time we headed home, the dogs had to ride up front because the back was completely crammed with stuff!

The best part of yesterday was having a phone that let's me get my e-mail.  My friend Shannon (of Pieceful Kwilter fame) sent me this picture.  Is this not the most stunning snow man you've ever seen?  I LOVE it!!


  1. glad you like...i thought of you immediately when i saw it.

    happy day-after birthday....


  2. Happy B-day,
    You give me something to aspire to, if your 50, 50 looks pretty darn good. After all, it is all a state of mind.
    Have a great year Dory and let's get that back better so you can enjoy the things you love!!!
    Take care,


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