Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Butterfly Round Robin

Back in July when Kristina and Shannon were here, we started a butterfly appliqué. The idea was to teach me needle-turn appliqué; I've since decided if it can't be fused, I don't need to do it!!

This was us from our summer adventures. (Hard for me to imagine, since I'm looking out the office window at SNOW!)

Shannon decided that we needed something to remind us of our adventures, so she designed this pattern. We then went "shopping" in my scraps/stash/piles of fabric and chose fabrics for our projects. After finishing the first "fried egg flower," I realized that needle-turn appliqué is not my forte. However, by then, those two had already decided that we'd finish our appliqué, send it off (mine to Kristina, Shannon's to me) for the first border of a round robin by the end of August.  Knowing myself well, I knew that if left to my own devices, my round robin would never leave my house because it would never be finished!!  Luckily, Shannon realized that too, so she finished the appliqué for me (THANK YOU!!) A close look will easily reveal which flower I did--just look for the pointy petals!!

I sent mine off to Kristina and received Shannon's to add the first border along with her colorful fabrics. She'd even picked which fabrics she wanted for the outer border. I was to use the one on the right; Kristina, the one on the left.

 Shannon loves brights, can you tell??  Luckily I have The Border Workbook by Janet Kime. Armed with it and the bright fabrics Shannon sent, this is what I added to her RR. Then off it went to Kristina to finish up.

A few days later, Kristina's came to me from Shannon.

 Deciding on the first border was easy; deciding on a border to compliment Shanon's was more challenging.  After some thought, I decided on a more geometric border.

Then...the great reveal.  Mine came back!

Don't you love it?  Kristina's colorful border gave my center the perfect frame--I love all the color. She even added some of her own fabric; my stash isn't quite that colorful. Shannon did the outer border, the one with the rattlesnake fabric.  That girl was thrilled when the snake was right outside our door and loved helping Dennis kill the darn thing. We let a lot of the wildlife live around here, but not rattlers. Too much chance of them biting a dog for me.

This RR was fun and I'd love to do it again...only not with an appliquéd center!

Shannon posted about her adventures here; when Kristina posts, you'll find it here.

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