Thursday, December 16, 2010

Winter Special

This year, I did a winter special for my guild and current customers. If any of you out there would like to take advantage, I'll honor the special until January 31. What is it? you ask.  I'll quilt your quilt for $.01 psi, no matter the design. However, I do have the final right of design approval; i.e, no heirloom feathers for that price *wink* Call or e-mail if you're interested.

This was one of the sale quilts completed. The owner of this top has a HandiQuilter, but for some reason, she wanted me to quilt it. She asked for wonky/whimsical feathers and since I'd never done them before, I said sure. This is how it turned out. I love the chicken fabric she used.

This is a close up of the wonky feathers. I did a six-inch border of them surrounding the quilt and then filled the entire quilt with them. Open spaces had some stippling for fill.

And a partial pic of the back showing the "border" area.

This is another customer sale quilt. Its a pattern by Linda Ballard called "Fractured Crystals."  Carolyn made this in these earthy tones as a gift for her son's girlfriend. Then she couldn't decide whether to give her this quilt or the one that will be posted tomorrow. 

I was able to try out a "new for me" sashing treatment on this one...the "c" loops. I really like how they turned out, but they do take some serious concentration (for me, anyway). It's very easy to get turned around and end up with two going in the same direction. In the leaf print and the main design elements, I did a continuous curve with stippling to travel in the background. I didn't quilt the chocolate brown areas at all, which really accentuated the quilt's pattern. As a longarm quilter, one of the challenges is to quilt with as few starts/stops as possible. With this quilt, I was able to find a path that allowed me to do each row with only one start/stop...success!

This is the center medallion of the quilt. Our guild took this class from Linda and we all had such differing variations of fabric in our quilts. Carolyn's was very subtle...

Mine is just a bit brighter...just a bit, and a tad smaller, and unquilted :0(


  1. Dory, I'd have to mail a quilt from Sacto. I've been reading you for a while, and would love a quilt longarmed by you...
    I'm working on a butterfly one, will see if I can get it done in time!
    Please send me your contact info.
    If you do not want to quilt by mail, I totally problemo..

  2. Hi, Dory, I e-mailed you last week & also have a quilt I would like to mail to you to have longarmed. Are you full up already?? :-)


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