Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Two More Quilts

This quilt was finished some time ago, but because my customer lives in Sac and wasn't able to pick it up until last week (she doesn't trust the post...do you blame her??), I couldn't post pictures.  This is our guild's BOM from last year. Marei always chooses bright colors...always. She's also the customer that did all those bunny quilts--please note: nary a bunny to be found on this one!!

The most fun part of this quilt for me was the back. She used a piece of very plain terracotta fabric, so she has a whole-cloth on the back! I did "e"s and "l"s in the sashing and a loopy thing in the outside border. I'm really having fun with samplers...does it show???

This one was a bit more challenging.  The fabric used was beautiful and very stretchy; I had to be very careful while quilting to not distort anything. On top of that, it is such a unique pattern, that it really took some thought and advice from my friends to complete. The quilt is the Day & Night pattern by Eleanor Burns. This is the second quilt of this type that Carolyn has made, but this one is more stunning due to her fabric choices. The hunter green and creamy white make it striking.

Carolyn wanted the star points emphasized. I attempted to do that with the feathers using a style I learned from watching Jamie Wallen's Mystical Cottontracks DVD. I've never been able to take a class from him personally, but this DVD is almost as good as being there.

The "wheel" part had to be quilted and needed something to keep it in the background. After talking it over with my friend Shannon, I came up with a sort of "line-dancing" technique.

Crosshatching in the inner border with a "line-dancing" cornerstone and feathers in the border finished it off.

Here's a pic of the back...the quilting showed up nicely, even though it's a busy fabric.

 I feel so lucky to finally have a "happy job." This is so much better than my previous occupations!!


  1. Dory, your quilting is so nice. I love what you did on both quilts. and especially the line-dancing thing on the 2nd one.
    Way to go!

  2. Dory...thanks so much for showing the backs of your quilts...I always love the backs...I love the Fall quilt but I also love the Day and Night...I've got the book for that one...must get round to making it...Your quilting is perfect for both of these quilt, they are stunning!

    Merry Christmas to yourself and Dennis..
    Best Wishes for 2011
    Kay in Scotland

  3. Beautiful dory...both quilts. Love the designs you did. Your customers should be very pleased.

  4. I'm going on a retreat in January. I have all the fabric cut already for THIS Eleanor Burns Quilt in 3 colors!!! I've been thinking FOR DAYS NOW about the quilting designs....thanks so much for the ideas. My brain is burning with ideas...need to get my dry erase board out.
    Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!!!!


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