Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Last Quilt Show Quilts

These are the last two quilts I finished in time for our quilt show. This first one was for Carolyn; she called it "Regal."

A close up:

This one was for Stephanie, another member of our guild. She bought the kit at Pacific International Quilt Show and then as she was putting it all together, she realized that the blocks were not the right sizes. She added the skinny sashing though and liked it just as well.

This quilt had so much going on, that I only needed to add some thread to hold it together. Anything else would have been overkill. I used my Quiltazoid and did a large spiral design in the big squares and some smaller designs in the setting triangles and even smaller ones in the four corners. I hadn't had an opportunity to use the QZ in such a long time; it was really a fun quilt to work on.

One of the best parts about this quilt was the back. Steph didn't have backing so asked that I just use my muslin. Look at how cool this looks from the back...

(Click on the picture above and you can really see the detail!)


  1. They're both beautiful, but I especially like the use of the Quiltazoid on the string block quilt! :-)

  2. It was definitely QZ to the rescue on that one!! I hadn't used it in awhile and now I'm wondering why.


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