Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rumors of my demise....

Have been greatly exaggerated! But yes, in case you haven't noticed, I've been away for a bit.

After the quilt show, I was off to Phoenix to watch my "grand" niece graduate. Is that what you call your niece's daughter?? Christy, the niece, was born when I was 12 and people used to always mistake her for my daughter. Our baby pictures are very similar, too--except hers are all in color. Breanna is the grand-niece that graduated from a school with 600 students. Boy was that exciting--not. However, getting to see everyone was fun and it was so warm there. The day I flew home in the early morning it was in the 80s; I landed in Reno in the afternoon and it was 39!

From Reno, we headed to Walnut Creek to help my oldest step-daughter move to a very cute place just outside of Sebastopol and only about 5 minutes from where one of my brother's lives. Hannah found a very cute little place on 20 acres. There is a main house; then both the rentals are below the main house and actually share the same deck.  At one point, they were a house and garage, now they're both houses. Hannah is in what used to be the garage. Its a lovely location and exactly what she wanted. Now she can be a "country mouse" again and have a garden.

More posts and quilts to follow....

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