Saturday, July 2, 2011

Got me some learnin'

I tried to post this the day before I "got the learnin'," but Blogger was down (can you imagine??). Anyway, I went to Reno on Thursday last to the Quilt/Sew Expo held at the Grand Sierra. It's a great venue if you don't actually want to be in a casino; if you enter through the back doors, you never have to go upstairs!

I went to take a class I'd taken before from Pam Clark. She's an excellent teacher and offers a great class on background designs. I seem to get in a rut with my designs and just needed something to make the juices flow again.  I took several classes from Pam and many other instructors at Innovations only a few weeks after purchasing my longarm. I went a little crazy that year and took so many classes, I'm not sure I retained anything!

While I didn't learn a lot of new things, I did come away with some ideas and the class sample...not bad, eh??

Stay tuned for new and exciting backgrounds on my quilts...

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