Monday, July 25, 2011

Sixteen Very Long Days

Its been 16 days since I last posted. Granted, 16 days is really not very long for some things, but in "blogland," it can be a lifetime. It can be the end of anyone taking the time to check to even see if  I did finally post.

I'm back now and perhaps even a bit more consistent. During that time, my netbook crashed. Who knew you couldn't treat a netbook like a real computer? Not me. I had it loaded with many programs and it was so slow--go figure.

But, for your patience, you shall be rewarded with pictures of quilts recently finished.

First up: Stars on Parade. As you can see, it had a human holder whose main objective was to keep it from touching the floor.

I took this photo with my iPhone, so its not super clear; however, with the computer crash, it was the best I could do. 

Then there was this Underground Railroad quilt. My customer wanted the blocks to stand out and be "puffy." I used Quilters Dream Puff batting and did a tight fill around the main part of the design. I have no idea what the pattern of the fill is called as I just started stitching and it's what happened. Luckily, she loved it!

And the back with another happy "accident." For some reason, my brain and hands disconnected and this is how the sashing turned out. Piano keys are in the outer two borders with my new fill design (that I probably won't ever be able to repeat) in every other "key."

Thanks for not giving up on me!!!


  1. Love the quilting you did on the stars! As for being late in posting - there are no deadlines!

  2. Good thing or I would have been fired ages ago!!

  3. Wondered where you were. Thought maybe off on a ride or something. Opps, I have to be Anonymous, I'm really Sara (who sent you the donation quilt:-) )


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