Saturday, July 30, 2011

Busy, Busy!!!

This has been such a busy summer; it's been almost impossible to keep up. To that end, I'm going to be giving notice with regard to one of my four jobs and that will get me down to a nice, tidy, doable three! Much better!!

I've been quilting and several quilts have gone back to their owners this week. These first two are from Barbara. She's a new customer and does really nice work. Of course, what did I do??  I missed this one teensy, tiny, spot. Best part, I told her about it and she couldn't find it! (She's binding them now and will return it to me for a quick fix.) Below are both of her quilts, with close-ups of the front and back. She used muslin on the back of both of these.

This quilt was just returned as well and since my customer lives in Reno, I just had to go to the Reno Quilt Show while I was there.  She made this quilt for her daughter and asked me to quilt it after seeing the many quilts I had quilted on display at our quilt show this last May. That was a real honor for me.

Don't you love the "pretend applique"? I thought that was such a clever idea!!

More quilts coming up...


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