Saturday, August 6, 2011

Poor Emma

We went out to feed just the other night and discovered that some bully had punched Emma in the eye.  Well, okay, so it wasn't really a punch or a hit of any kind. She just all of a sudden had a really swollen eye. A call to the vet to determine whether we should just dose her with penicillin resulted in a trip to the vet and a lovely $125 bill! He thought she might have a fox tail in her eye, but we knew better: first, she's not in a pasture that even has fox tails (it's too wet), and second, her eye wasn't tearing, so it wasn't trying to get rid of any foreign object.

Unfortunately, this is our only trailer. Small, eh??? It's great for endurance rides, but really a pain when you're only transporting one horse. However, I was quite proud of my girl. she'd only been in a trailer once, last summer, for trailer loading practice. She'd never actually gone for a ride and she'd certainly never gone in by herself. She was such a trooper, she loaded right up and off we went. Of course, when the vet came out to see her, he asked how many horses we'd brought...such a smart aleck.

He gave Emma a cortisone shot and gave us drops to put in her eye three times a day. I was amazed at how good she was about the whole ordeal, but I think she knew we were helping her. Hardly any head tossing as I held one eye lid up and the other down so Dennis could put the drops in. This is how it looked after a few days.

Finally, she's back to normal and as beautiful as ever. The only cause we've come up with is some sort of bug bite. Consequently, her fly mask goes on early and comes off late. (Ignore her stupid brother in the picture below...he likes to toss his head)



  1. Oh boy Dory! That is quite a shinner. My horse gets those from time to time. The first time I called the Vet in a panic, and he came out. He said that either he'd been hit by someone else throwing their head or he was grazing where there was tall grass and had gotten a seed in his eye. Now I just put a cold compress on it and hold it as long as he lets me, then turn him out with a fly mask. Any eye injury is just so scarry. Hope she is better soon. Sara

  2. Poor Emma...but what a trailer, kind of diffcult to park and turn maybe, but great accomodation for horse and human!

  3. Hi Sara...she's fine now. I think the drops really helped, but I was worried.

    Hi Kay, we love our trailer; but it is overkill when you're only taking one pony!!


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