Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Log Cabin Wedding Quilt

Here it is...the "Big One." This quilt is from a new customer, Diane. She and her daughter made this quilt for a wedding gift for another family member. Bad news: The wedding was five years ago; good news: They're still married and now they'll have a beautiful quilt for their bed.  It's a big quilt (103 x 103)--thus the less than stellar photo of the whole thing.

I quilted the dark areas with a "heatwave" fill and used a larger version of the fill for the sashing.

The outside corners in the light areas got feathers...

A close-up of the heatwave fill and the leaf meander done in the majority of the light areas.

This photo of the back shows the feathers and the fill.



  1. oh that is a BIG quilt. Love the colors and better late than never!
    I'm just about finished with a 96 x 112 one..just seems like I keep advancing it and advancing it...

  2. That is really pretty, Dory. I like your quilting ideas on this quilt!


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