Saturday, August 27, 2011


Our guild had a "mini-class" several months ago on an easy way to make circles. Marei took it to heart; named her quilt "Machinations" and sent it to me for quilting. She likes to challenge me and make me think (she's such a brat!)

We met and talked about this quilt several times. I wanted to be sure to give her back something that she would  like. This quilt was so different, I really had to put on my thinking cap--there was actually smoke coming out my ears by the time we were done!

I used the Quiltazoid in the small and middle sized circles. In the smallest ones, I just repeated the shape and then did a spiky "leaf" treatment around them. In the larger circles, I used one of the many designs that come with the QZ.

The medium and large squares got a maze fill in white and the red parts of the quilt were quilted with a variation of a water meander in red...

And to tie it all together, I used white thread in the corner blocks and treated the border piecing as one unit, using a bamboo fill.


The pictures don't do it justice, but the fabric Marei used on the back was gorgeous!  I kept trying to figure out how to replace it with some random red from my stash and wondering if she'd notice. *grin*

Thanks for looking!

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