Tuesday, August 23, 2011


This year, for the first time since I've been quilting, our County Fair had a real quilt judge. I entered two wall-hangings and was really curious to see how they'd fared. Look what I found when I arrived:

This quilt greeted me at the entrance. It's my retreat quilt from last year's Quincy Crazy Quilters retreat. I earned first place and first in division...very exciting.

More looking and I found my second wall hanging. This was from a class taught by Linda Ballard called "Fractured Crystals." Second place!!!  I was walking on air by that time.

Then, the finale: This quilt that I quilted for one of my customers, Carolyn, won First Place, Best in Division and Best in Show....

I'm still floating!!!! (Wow, do you think this means I can say I'm an "award winning" quilter??? <snicker>)



  1. Congratulations! You do beautiful work!

  2. Wow Dory...Of Course you are an award winning quilter...now you can put that on your advertising!

    Great quilts by the way!

    Best wishes
    Kay in Scotland

  3. Dory that is so cool! Congratulations indeed. You do do beautiful work. Well deserved! Sara


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