Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's not all Quilting and Playing with Ponies around here!

Some days, we have to go get hay. This year has been especially painful; the price of hay has skyrocketed from last year. Dennis came home with the first load of four tons of grass/alfalfa for a whopping $1,000; then this load of four and a half tons of grass hay for $900. One more load and we'll have enough to feed the four hay burners for the year!

We picked up this load of hay on our way back from Reno. It was a quick trip over to get Dennis fitted for a tux for his daughter's wedding and then back to get the hay. Have you priced weddings?? Yikes!! I'm so glad his daughter is old enough to pay for her own. We're helping, but we're not responsible for the whole thing!

We get our hay from Sierra Valley, its about 90 minutes from home. We weighed our truck before it was loaded and again after so that we knew exactly how much hay we were getting. The scale is sensitive enough, that we each took turns walking on it to weigh ourselves (no, I'm not about to tell you how much I weigh!)

Dave got the squeeze and proceeded to load our truck. I always like watching the squeeze work; I have no idea why. It's just sort of fun...makes me wish it were that easy to unload!

Dash, of course, felt it was his job to supervise the entire operation! Little did he know that his life would be changing dramatically the next day. We took him to get "tutored."

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  1. Haha-One last roll in the hay before the "tutoring"!

  2. Now Vivian that's funny!

    Dory do you help with unloading too? I get to get up in the trailer/truck and hand the bales down to DH who stacks them. We picked up in the field yesterday and paid $3.50 a bale (good farmer!) When we get it from a different guy, it always comes from the barn and he helps load. There we pay $5.25 a bale. Why can't we get hay when it is cooler weather? LOL Sara

  3. Vivian, Dash has no idea what a "roll in the hay" is...or should I say "was"??

    Nope, I don't have to do any of the lifting with the hay. Two back surgeries got me out of that one!! Sure wish we could pick it up in some farmers field that cheaply!!

  4. That is for Coastal Bermuda. Timothy/Alfalfa is $11.00 a bale if you can find it. Baled Alfalfa is $15.00 a bale. Most of that kind of hay comes from "out west". Sara


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