Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Poor Me

Shortly after Emma's eye trauma, I had a "trauma" of my own. The yurt is only about 10 feet from our back door, but between the yurt and our house is our hot tub. We had drained it for the summer and in anticipation of someday using it again, I decided to lift the lid to see if it was all icky inside.  Bad idea...exceptionally bad since it was incredibly hot out.

I got a not-so-lovely surprise. These guys had taken up residence and were not impressed that I was messing with their home. Did you know that angry bees actually chase you the same way they do in the movies??  I got away, but not without three lovely stings on my arm in almost the same place. OUCH!!

Within a few hours, my arm was swollen from about three inches above my elbow almost to my wrist! I think I'm either allergic or it was too many bites at once.  Remind me never to move anything outside when it's hot!!!



  1. Actually i think those are wasps. A bee can only sting once, then they die. A wasp can sting repeatedly because they don't loose their stinger. Either way, I hope you're feeling better and the swelling goes down. ouchies.

  2. Oh, oh that looks painful! I hate those things. I hope that you aren't allergeic (sp?) and are feeling better. I keep Sting Ez in the house and at the barn. Sara

  3. What is Sting-Ez? Does it make the pain and itch go away??? My arm was swollen from about three inches below my shoulder to just above my wrist...really ugly.

  4. Yes! That or a product called Afterbite. Both work to reduce the pain, itch and reduce the swelling. You need to get it on quickly, and it helps. Also you get over it faster (I think so anyway.) I put it on and re-apply, re-apply! I hate being stung. You may be like me, get a worse reaction than some others. My DS & DH both can get stung and it hurts them, but they don't swell up. I hope it is getting better! Did you get my email about those horses? Sara

  5. Okay, I'm buying some of that. I do swell up; so maybe that will help. I did get the e-mail about the horses and responded to you. Did you not get that? That same post was on FB several months ago; actually posted by my step-daughter. The horses all found new homes...happy ending.

  6. No email from you. :-( Took a long time to get my way,eh? Glad to hear about them. I will let the lady who told me know too. It is good stuff! I found it at Wally World, but the drugstores should have it too. Hope that you don't need it again. Sara

  7. That definitely looks like an allergic reaction to wasp (I have that too)
    Ask your doctor for a perscription for an epi-pen, as you never know whenope it's all cleared up by now. a severe allergic reaction (that is) might go anaphalactic.
    I carry one in my purse + have one at home.

    I h

  8. She also needs to have Benadryl on her person as well. She never knows when she may get exposed to an allergen like an insect sting. She needs both on the horsey rides especially.


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