Monday, August 15, 2011

A Great Sampler

This top came to me by way of the quilter's daughter. This was the quilter's first attempt at quilt-making and she did a most excellent job...and she's 80! She had started out quilting it herself with ditch quilting, but then her daughter saw some of my quilts at the show and asked whether I'd take it. Of course I said yes! I love samplers, especially when the blocks are not all the same size.

This quilt had these four house "blocks," which I fell in love with. It was such fun trying to come up with different ways to quilt them. This one had "blocks" on one side with wood on the other.

This one had really skinny wood and rounded "tiles."

This one had reverse tiles with wood and a rock roof.

This one had uneven rock, really skinny wood and curtains in the window...can you tell I was having fun??

Houses are such fun to quilt!!!



  1. She's gonna love it! You are so clever! I love how you did the houses. Great job! Sara

  2. This was a really fun quilt for me! Glad you like it!!


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