Thursday, August 11, 2011

From Beginning to End

Remember my post last year about our 2010 Guild Retreat? Fair starts on Wednesday, so I actually finished it and one other small wall hanging to enter. I have pics of this one, but then the camera battery died (it actually says "battery exhausted"--like I wore it out!!) before I could get pics of both.

So...the beginning:

Remember, this was a "double mystery." We called the shop with colors we liked and they sent us fabric. When the ladies putting on the retreat saw the fabrics their employee had sent me, they cringed. I thought it was just me, but it wasn't.  These fabrics really do not go together well, so some were left out...

This is what I had finished when I left the retreat. The next band of color didn't work, so I was sent some additional peach fabric.

When finished, this is what I had...not too bad.

A couple of close-ups. I quilted feathers in the center peach are with pebbles in the middle; then feathers in the triangular areas around the center as well.

Oh...did I mention??? Feathers in the border, too.

And finally, a picture of the back before I "exhausted" my camera battery.


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  1. Catching up here. LOL It turned out really pretty Dory. Those fabrics were tough to work with. As always your quilting is spot on and beautiful. Sara


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