Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Big Difference

Today I discovered the difference between quilting for yourself and quilting as an occupation.  Are you dying to know?? Well, you have to read through this whole thing to find out the answer (or just skip to the bottom).

When I first started quilting (my good friend Lucy introduced me to it after our house had burned down), I had a really bad day. I had purchased a "box" Brother machine from Costco and I could not get the bobbin to load correctly. After trying for quite some time and still not getting it to work correctly, I gave up and got my horse, Elly, and we went for a nice, relaxing ride in the forest.

Today, I could not, no matter what I did, get the tension adjusted correctly on my longarm when using Bottom Line thread in both the top and bobbin. No matter what I did (changed bobbins, needles, adjusted the tension), the top thread kept breaking. Then when I finally go the top thread to behave, the bobbin thread started breaking! It wasn't making any sense, since the stitching was turning out beautifully. Finally, when working on the last two blocks, things were adjusted correctly and I made it through both blocks without having any broken threads!!  Go figure. *sigh*

The difference: If I were quilting for myself, I would have thrown my arms up in the air, changed my clothes, grabbed Kate and gone for a ride. However, since I have a business and this quilt has a deadline, I kept working until the end.

She needs to be ridden!!!


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