Monday, October 31, 2011


Nope, not the game, the quilt!

Marei sent this quilt for me to work on after showing the flimsy (un-quilted top) at our guild meeting. Everyone loved it so much that she's now scheduled to make a presentation at next month's meeting on how to put it together. Apparently, it goes together quickly so is a great one for when you need a last minute quilt.

The bright fabrics in this one are beautiful and are really set off nicely with the black and cream. I wanted to push the black and cream to the background to make the other fabrics shine, so I did some pretty dense quilting.

Marei's only request on this one was to do "something special" in the top. This quilt is going to her grandson, Jakob, for his bed and the top will be over the pillows. I outlined the designs on the top with matching thread, so while nothing much shows here...

It does on the back! (click on the picture to really see the detail)

Thanks for looking!



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