Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Eleanor Burns' Egg Money Quilts

Carolyn sent me home from Quincy with this gorgeous Egg Money Quilt, an Eleanor Burn's design. This first picture, while it does give you the overall look of the quilt, just doesn't do it justice. The colors are so much more vibrant.

I absolutely fell in love with the red background fabric and loved how vibrant it looked with the pieced blocks. I decided to quilt a different background in each of the blocks to give them all a little individual interest. I figured this was only fitting, since this wasn't a quilt where every block was the same size. (Clicking on the pictures will make them bigger for viewing.)

Lots of feathers in different styles in many of the backgrounds. I also did some straight line work, some line dancing, a paisley fill and McTavishing (sort of).  This last pic shows the piano keys in the border. I thought the quilt would benefit from a simple border design with all the craziness going on inside!!

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