Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Asilomar - Part Two

Okay, so I've told you that our class was taught by Wendy Mathson (pronounced 'mat-son'), but did I tell you how wonderful she was? This was her first year teaching at Empty Spools and she was like a kid in a candy store. She was so excited to be there and so concerned about doing everything right. 

Each night, after dinner at Empty Spools, there is a meeting where the instructors show their stuff. This is to get you interested in other classes and to show you what's out there. Wendy had prepared a slide show of her quilts, but after seeing the first night's slide show, we convinced her to bag that and, in its place, show her quilts and share the stories of them that she'd shared with us. She was so nervous, but she did it and both her and her quilts were very well received.

As far as our class was concerned, take a look at the projects that were well on their way to being completed by Day 4 of the class:

This one is a present for a grand daughter...

This one will go on a CA King bed when its finished...

This one is in Wendy's book, made by another instructor. I had planned to make this one, but didn't buy the fabric for it. The ladies who did make it had modified their templates so that the finished block size is half the block size of normal (does that make sense?) 

This one was also made with the modified templates. 

This one was going to be the traditional Storm at Sea with just the darker blues. Wendy suggested adding some pop with the bright blues (excellent suggestion) and also suggested the pinwheel-style blocks to add some interest. This one was so much prettier in person!

Another traditional one, scrappy this time...

Karen's is actually sewn together, except the outside border. Can you say "over achiever"?

This is the same as the quilt on the cover. Wendy has a great story about that quilt, but its hers to share and not mine. If you have the good fortune of taking a class from her, make sure she tells you. Its pretty funny!

Another like the cover quilt, except for the colors...

This one belongs to Ella Jean...she took the "Storm at Sea" block to heart! She will be appliqueing the sailboat onto the quilt to replicate a real storm at sea that she was in.

There were a few other tops that I didn't get pictures of.  Yolanda had a beautiful Mariner's Compass center in hers. Hopefully she'll send me a picture and I'll include it here on a later post.

More to come (mine and Cindy's) in Part 3!



  1. Oh, I would so have loved to have been in that class! What stunning projects! Thanks for sharing....

    1. She's teaching at Asilomar/Empty Spools again next year! You should sign up. I guarantee you'll love her and the project!


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