Monday, December 17, 2012

Another Log Cabin Quilt

The big one from the previous post is finished and on its way home. However, it hasn't arrived yet, so this one is next to post. It went home today!

Delores made the first Log Cabin for her son; her daughter saw it and wanted one of her own.  This is her quilt.

Same quilt (some different colors) and same quilting (leaf meander). Same thread color even, Glacier So Fine by Superior.

Now, here's the different part. Delores had a very difficult time adding the binding to her first quilt.  She brought me the binding for this one. I've never attached binding to a customer quilt. She wanted a complete finished quilt back with the binding attached front and back. She chose the decorative stitch on the front rather than hand sewing to the back...whew!! This is how it looked when finished.

I like how it turned out and plan on doing this with my personal quilts in the future.  Looks like I have a new service to offer my customers!


  1. Oooo, so my colors! Love it! Did you attach the binding with the la?? Very cool! Sara

    1. Hi Sara! No I actually attached the binding to the back with my DSM. Then I did the decorative stitch on the front. It still took forever, but so much less time than handsewing to the back. This will be my fallback for my quilts from now on. I like how it looks on both sides.


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