Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Year's Plans

What do you have planned for New Year's Day?? Will any of you be doing the Mystery Class put on by Cindy Roth of Longarm University or piecing the mystery quilt from Planet Patchwork? I'm planning to do least, that's the plan for now. *fingers crossed* 

Every year, Cindy does a quilting mystery. You piece the pattern according to the instructions that you're given when you sign up. Starting New Year's Day morning, she posts quilting designs for each section of the pieced quilt. Its fun to try new things and it makes for a great sample to show your customers. This year's quilt is a cute little "Cabin in the Woods" artsy quilt. The instructions to piece this were very easy to follow. This is the class example, I'll post mine after its quilted.

Planet Patchwork is doing a "modern" mystery on New Year's Day. I have my fabrics chosen and ready to go. I really want to finish this one because I'm dying to quilt a modern quilt!

Let me know if you're doing either of these. It would be fun to check-in with each other as the day goes on.


  1. Gosh Dory, I didn't know about them. That cabin is really cute. I was planning to try to finish a few things that day. Still am working on gifts. LOL I will look forward to seeing what you do. Sara

  2. Hi Dory. Madeline, 14, and i did the modern twist mystery by planet patchwork today. We still need to add the outer border, but had lots of fun sewing together for the first day of the new year!

    1. I thought about you while I was working on LA University's project and wondered if you were doing that. Sounds like you and Madeline had a great time though!


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