Saturday, August 24, 2013

Merry Mayhem Will Have a New Home

Have you ever done Planet Patchwork's Merry Mayhem quilts? Each year on New Year's Day they have a mystery quilt project. I have wanted to participate for years, but we've always had company on New Year's Day so it never happened. This last year, however, no company so I pieced this top.

Before you judge my fabric choices too harshly, keep in mind that it was a "mystery" quilt and that I used only fabrics from my stash. I later purchased the binding, but that doesn't count.  To make up for my less than stellar fabric choices, I quilted the snot out of this one. While this quilt was on the frame, Dennis came home and told me that the skipper of the J-Boat he races on prides himself on raising the most money for an annual Hospice fund raiser here in Sequim. With that in mind, I offered them this quilt and they will be raffling it off. I hope it brings them lots of cash!!

Here are some quilting close-ups for your viewing pleasure. I designed my quilting based on units in these four squares. I actually had to draw them out to make sure I had the feathers going at the correct angle and make sure the proper design went in the correct square. Way too much concentration involved!!

The center sashing block motif--one of my go-to faves!!

Another shot of the basic four design

One of the individual blocks in the four-part design

Another one...


And then the back! I think the back is better than the front. (go ahead; click on this pic
 and make it bigger...the quilting really shows up)

Not sure what happened to the color here, but you can still see the quilting.

And the last one--just for good measure.

I sure hope that whoever (whomever?) has the winning ticket, they enjoy it! It has a wool batt, so it will keep them toasty.


  1. Whoa, your quilting made that quilt! Gorgeous work! Sara


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