Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Pinwheels & .....

Paula sent me the cheeriest has lovely pinwheels and then empty blocks.  EMPTY blocks!!  Oh what fun...I played and played trying to decide what to put in those empty blocks. Should I do "ghost" pinwheels, should I do a feather fill, what to do???? (Are you wondering where the picture is of the whole quilt?? Me too--I thought for sure I'd taken one or twenty, apparently not!)  This is as close as I got *shrug*

After much agonizing, this is what I came up with for those formerly empty blocks: (Does this look familiar?? It here)

The border had me a bit puzzled as well, but after a few minutes contemplation, I just copied the fabric design.  I think it works, don't you?

More pics for your viewing pleasure...

A view of the quilt with the border framing it...

I bet you're wondering why I have a photo of the thread, eh??  Well, here's why: Paula wanted me to quilt the quilt with pink thread--so I did. Of course, I used the lightest pink I could find which reads as white. I am not a quilter who thinks that my quilting should take center stage on someone else's quilt. So...I went for texture. I always go for texture. I want your quilt to be the star, not my quilting!

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  1. Very cool. I really like how you're filling in empty blocks. Really makes those blocks stand out.


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