Monday, February 16, 2015

More Americana from Paula

Paula does these beautiful Americana-themed quilts. I wish I could show you her house--these quilts fit in it so well. She has a wonderful sense of color and style that I envy!
We talked a bit before I started this one and I completely changed my plan after our conversation. I had planned to do a separate border treatment and then do a meadering feather on the inside. After our conversation though, I realized Paula wanted more design-driven quilting.This pic shows a bigger pic of the design I used...

After studying the quilt, I saw there was a pattern I could follow using the design of the blocks. On the Rail Fence blocks, I feathered the outside "rails" and did lines in the center. The stars had stippling on the outside and CC's in the center triangles. This made the centers "pop" out more.

And closer still, you can almost see the definition of the center flower in this pic. I used Quilters Dream Puff batting--its the best for obtaining that definition.

The backing had many different fabrics, but this pic shows the quilting a bit. Thought I'd share it because we all love the backs!!!

Thanks for hanging in there with me!!


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