Thursday, February 19, 2015

My Country Quilt of Valor

This quilt is from a new Cabin Fever Quilters customer, Betty. She made this for her son from the Fons & Porter magazine pattern. I love patriotic quilts and this one is no exception. Red is one of my favorite colors and the red Betty used in this is just perfect.

Quilting decisions on this one were a bit harder to come by. I was fine with the borders and the log cabin blocks, but those split Ohio Stars had me thinking.  I didn't want to change thread in each of the parts; I wanted to do something to help with continuity. Luckily another quilting friend suggested stitching both the red and blue portions with blue thread.  I still had to change to white thread for the white parts change to red for the red borders, but I think having the OS blocks be all one thread color in the red/blue parts worked.

The border design, above, was a new one for me. I'd just seen it done by Cindy Roth over at Longarm University and wanted to try it...this seemed like the perfect quilt for it. Its all freehand with no rulers (except the travelling diagonal line) and is so forgiving!

Below is a pic showing a bit more of the overall design.

My final design idea was to put this star in the corner using blue thread to pick up the blue in the blocks. I didn't want the red parts of the OS blocks to be the only blue on red quilting.

And, of course...a few shots of the back.

I just love when people do plain backs; the quiltling is so fun!!!


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