Monday, January 7, 2019

Carolyn's Patchwork City

This quilt is just amazing and made more so by the fact that Carolyn didn't make this from a kit. She chose her fabrics carefully and the result was spectacular!

Don't you love how the colors flow???  This quilt just needed to be held together--it didn't need any quilting that would detract from the lovely piecing. I quilted this using a bunch of inter-connecting straight lines.

The border was more straight lines with a "plaid/crosshatch" effect in the corners.

And a shot of the back. Not a lot shows, but you get a good idea of the texture!

But the best news was when Carolyn contacted me to let this know that the quilt took First Place and Best of Division at the local fair. The judge made many nice comments, but my favorite, of course, was, "Understated quilt design perfectly suited for modern quilt." In California, where Carolyn lives, they hire outside judges for the fairs and award only one First Place ribbon. Not like Washington where everyone gets first or second place no matter what. Getting first place here was a real honor for both of us!

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