Friday, March 17, 2017

My Mystery Row-by-Row

And here's mine...notice the difference and, no, I'm not just talking about the fabric.

 The row above the houses is supposed to have these cute little butterflies and vines appliqued on it.  Sorry to say, but I really don't like applique. Not. At. All. Okay, let me clarify: I love how it looks, I just don't love doing it! So instead, I played around with measurements and put those pinwheels in instead. Hey, its my quilt, right??

Here are some closeups of the other blocks. As you can see, when its my quilt, I tend to get a little carried away.

 When all was said and done, I liked the design I put in these Churn Dash blocks. I didn't like the black ones though...

The contrasting thread was too, well, constrasty! Fortunately, since it was my quilt, no ripping was required. Had this been for a customer, I'd have taken it out.

And my favorite blocks--the houses. (Ignore the doorknob, please!) As you can see, I did the houses and roofs in the same design, but each green, red and cream door had a different design. Have I mentioned that I like quilting houses??

More shots of the back. I always try to use a fabric that will show the quilting, so there's lots to look at.

Next up will be all the different quilts. Some of the fabric combinations used were just beautiful!


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