Friday, March 31, 2017

The Divine Miss Truffles

Leslie e-mailed about her quilt that was supposed to be like the old "paint by number" kits we did as kids. Until I got the quilt, I had no idea what she was talking about. Its a panel with the paint colors along the side.

If I remember correctly, this quilt was for her niece. Leslie embroidered "The Divine Miss Truffles" on the quilt prior to my receiving it and told me to have at it.  I "thread painted" the horse, quilted the background with pebbles and swirls and did SID along the "paint colors." The first pic shows the quilting up a bit better.

I wanted to add some extra texture to the inside of the ears, so they got some pebbles too.

Two more close-ups of the thread painting on the head.

Here's a couple shots of the back...

If only this panel had an Arab on it, it would be perfect! :)


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