Monday, November 26, 2012

Barbara's Baskets Part I

Barbara sent me a quilt a while back. Its been here for a bit as we've gone back and forth with the design process. Often times, I'm given a quilt where the owner wants to be more involved and I've come up with a couple of methods of quilt designing long distance to facilitate the process.

This is the block we were working with (if you turn your head to the right when viewing, it will be on point):

One method is when the quilt owner sends along a sketch of the design showing what they want. This was Barb's sketch.

However, as you can see from her "flowers," she really didn't know what, exactly, she wanted in that area.  So after talking with her, I drew these suggestions to give her some more ideas.

Neither of these (or any of the others I sent) were what she was looking for.  She made the decision to have me quilt the "baskets" in the same manner that they were quilted in the book, "Passionate Patchwork" by Kaffe Fassett.  Barb had altered the Delft Basket pattern to suit her fabrics, adding a flange in the middle of the baskets.

From the basket design, we still had to decide on the sashing, setting triangles and border. I have a Kindle Fire and an app that allows me to take a picture and then import it into the app for so that I can draw on the photo. I sent her these pics with drawings of the quilt designs for those specific areas. There is one caveat that I always tell my customers:  My quilting is far better than my drawing! (you'll have to click on the first pic to even see it; apparently, they don't transfer to well to Blogger)

Barbara decided on the "leaves" in the sashingpictured in the top drawing on the left.  (I later told her that what she thought were leaves were my poor attempt at drawing feathers!)  She decided on the curved design in the setting triangles and piano key border shown above and right.

Stay tuned for the finished product!


  1. looking forward to see it quilted.

  2. Glad to know I'm not the only one who gives you this much "input" (or trouble...whatever you want to call it) :>)

    1. I like the input. Then I know what you like and don't like; that actually makes my job easier!


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