Thursday, November 15, 2012

First Christmas Quilt of the Season

Karen from Karen's Sewing Center in Sequim called me the other day with a request to quilt a shop quilt for her. She had this adorable Christmas fabric which she put into a quilt to show it off. How could I refuse?

I wanted to do something that had some movement around the borders and then I just had to outline the postcard looking pics of snowmen. The outlining is hard to see from the front, but the back pics below show more of what I did. I did one of my standard sashing treatments called "heatwave."

Is this fabric not adorable??? And I love that its not in the traditional Christmas colors.

A couple shots of the back. You can see the wavy lines for movement and where I did an SID-type treatment around the postcards. I stippled in between to have the postcards really stand out.

Another close-up...just because.

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  1. That is so cute! Love the quilting too. Border is great! Sara


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