Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Quilting Australian Style

Carolyn was able to purchase some gorgeous Australian fabric and put it into this beautiful quilt. My challenge was to quilt it without taking anything away from these fabrics as the focal point.

Initially, I had planned to use monofilament in the blocks, but after deciding on this simple motif, I felt that the black just added another bit of interest without taking anything away. The horizontal blocks have four wavy lines in them; the vertical blocks have three. I don't know why the different amounts, its just how it worked out.

This is the back. Carolyn always does fun things with the backs of her quilts. Its like having two quilts in one. If you click on this pic for a larger view, it really shows the quilting that was done on the front. I used lines to emphasize the frames around each Australian fabric and alternating "C"s in the border.

The view a bit closer. Not sure why the pic is so washed out, sorry.

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