Friday, July 15, 2016

Annette's Family Quilt

Annette isn't a quilter, but this top has been in her family for years. She decided it was time to take it out of the closet and turn it into a quilt. Much of it had been hand pieced; other bits had been sewn on a machine.  The fabrics appeared old and were pretty fragile in places. Annette wants to use this quilt, so to help keep it from falling apart when she washes it, I tried to quilt it rather densely.

The borders were HUGE, so I alternated my standard piano keys with more narrow ones on the inner, green sashing. You can see that above and in the close-up below.

This shot shows the feather meander with lots of echoing that I used in the center. We had originally talked about quilting a star design to coordinate with the pieced stars in those plain blocks, but they didn't match up perfectly. Coordinating designs in each block would have really made that apparent, so the feather meander fills the space, looks old fashioned, and doesn't draw attention to the individual block.

And here's a shot of a section of the back. The stitching doesn't show, but the texture is nice. The fabric was a nice cream with some red accents. Not sure why it photographed this way.

This quilt was huge--it completely filled my 12' frame!


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