Sunday, July 3, 2016

Karen's Quilt Shop

I often get calls from Karen to quilt shop samples for her Quilt Shop.  I love her and doing quilts for her is always fun. She lets me play and have free rein with what I do.

This first one is perfect for a baby quilt; however, I sure wouldn't recommend this much quilting on a baby quilt.  Save your money for someone who isn't likely to have "accidents" on it!!

 I loved the flower border and the pretty pastel squares, so I quilted flowers in each of them.

A quick shot of the back--not a lot of the quilting showed up, but you can see the two different sized piano keys used to add a little interest.

This next quilt was beautiful! I love sunflowers, so I might be a tad prejudiced. 

I did a leaf and circle allover on this one. Seemed to fit with the sunflowers.

More pics coming as I attempt to get caught up!!


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